Still Surreal



In four days it will be the 6th month anniversary of releasing my bouncing baby book into the world. It was something I slaved over for months and to see it finally in so many hands.. well… it brings tears to my eyes. Even now.

It was months of really hard work and dedication to seeing it finished. And I get so much joy seeing people that love my book showing it off. Especially when they send me photos of their kids. More than anything its the kids that say “I can be brave too!” or “I’m brave like Caspian!” THOSE are the kids that this book was made for. It’s because of them that this last 6 months has flown by, and I hope to continue to hear stories like these from them. ❤


I love getting photo’s of those that are reading the book or of people the book has been passed to. Keep em coming!


~Anna Jean