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Get the book everyone is talking about! Caspian the Brave!

Caspian the Brave is a teeny, tiny, brown mouse who lives with his family in a little warm house in the heart of an old oak tree. His teddy bear, Max, goes with him everywhere to help him feel safe and sound. But, Caspian has a secret. And, one night he can’t find Max! What will Caspian do?

This is an endearing story about discovering what it means to be brave. Kids from kindergarten through fourth grade will relate to Caspian and his struggles. A great gift for worried youngsters, Caspian the Brave is sure to melt hearts.





Also available is Inanimate LOVE! It is my first book of poetry and it looks at love and relationships in all forms. It reimagines the human connection and places it into the soul of inanimate objects. It gives new life to the dull and often boring things around you and I hear often how people compare themselves to the left behind sock, gnome, or even the medicine bottle in the cabinet. The voices each object posses are unique and vulnerable and I can’t wait for you to meet them.



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