My name is Anna Jean Nelson and you can’t stop me from dreaming big! As an artist from a young age, I refused to let others tell me ‘no’. When those around me said I wouldn’t graduate high school: I did it at the top of my class. When teachers told me I wouldn’t go to college: I went and graduated from college with honors, zero student debt, and on the dean’s list. And, most importantly, when those around me told me that being an artist and a writer wasn’t feasible and that I should do something else: I became an artist anyway. I wrote, Illustrated, and then released my first self-published children’s book, Caspian the Brave.

I am a strong-willed (and painfully shy) individual that lurks around cupcake shops, writing poetry, drinking coffee, sipping tea, and talking with a menagerie of skilled individuals focused on doing what they love. When I’m not creating: I am teaching others how to start getting into illustrating and writing by encouraging them to follow their own artistic dreams.