Lets take a quick recap, shall we?

This has been an eventful last few months in my life. While normal everyday stuff with my day job hasn’t changed much, writing has ultimately been feeding my creative soul as everything else has been going topsy-turvy.

The end of March was the 1 year anniversary of Caspian the Brave! and I couldn’t be happier with what it has accomplished! It has made me so happy and has touched a fortuitous amount of happy readers. I have heard back from tons of families! Each correspondence is a positive message about how it is changing the outlook of so many that are reading it and how they deal with anxiety and being brave. I can’t believe that a story I wrote just for me is getting so much love. I am still in awe! I was sent this video of Dalton reading my book for the first time just last week. Talk about tears?! I am so proud of you Dalton! Keep up the great reading!


In April I sent off my first agent submission and gritted my teeth. I still haven’t heard back, which I am not mad about, but the fact that I finally buckled down and sent it meant that I am finally putting a value on my work and not looking at myself as a fraud. I am a writer. I am an Author. I am an Illustrator. If I want to continue to motivate people to follow their dreams I need to step up and fight for mine. So I submitted and I am not going to harpoon my future by saying it will be the only submission I send in, I will be putting myself out there for much more in the next few months.

Screenshot+2017-05-20+02.59.40April also saw the loss of my dog, Ricky, and while this is still hard for my to deal with we welcomed a new kind soul into our lives by the name of Ducky. He is a ball of energy and the walks and playtime have me exploring more creeks and ball fields than my old play pal was able to do with his arthritis and loss of sight. It’s good to have a friend along for exploring and I am sure it will start to show in my artwork.

Screenshot+2017-05-20+03.17.00Speaking of artwork. On the first of May, I began ramping up my artwork. I have dedicated myself to working on drawing at least once a day. even if its only for 5 minutes or finishing off a painting or drawing from the day before. I am pushing myself to maintain my focus so my style improves and becomes stronger.

img_3022To put it into further perspective 3 of my illustrations were also chosen for a Gallery exhibit for September-January 2018. I am ecstatic to be chosen and to be one of the featured artists! bThey will be on exhibit at the University House – Issaquah and If anybody wants more information I can drum it up for you!

book reading nervsMay also brought along a huge goal that I didn’t think I would ever actually do because of my stage fright. I did my FIRST book reading at our local Half Price Books! Little Ol’ me! I had a petite crowd but everyone in the crowd bought the book. Including one that wasn’t able to make it and a Former President! (Thank you, Sir! It was a pleasure meeting you Jimmy! x) It was an event I didn’t think I would be able to do but I was so happy I was able to! I look forward to doing more in the future!

Screenshot+2017-05-20+02.56.45Then a couple weeks ago I was drawing, while eating a yummo Margarita Cupcake from Cupcake Royale in West Seattle, and decided to sketch out a quick little Darcy Burdock for Laura Dockrill.

Screenshot+2017-05-20+02.24.03She is one of my favorite Authors and Illustrators and about an hour later I saw her Instagram notification and went completely un-audible for the next several hours. We’re talking tears, squeaky, high pitched noises only dogs could hear… while sobbing over the last few dregs of Stumptown coffee I had left. Still my absolute highlight of May!

Screenshot+2017-05-20+02.58.29Then just last night I was able to meet and chat with the wonderful Drew Daywalt! He is the wonderful Author behind “The Day the Crayons Quit”, “The Day the Crayons Came Home”, and “The LEGEND fo ROCK PAPER SCISSORS” Talk about shy Fan-Girling! I had to push myself to talk since I am not normally one to ask a bunch of questions or talk to people I haven’t met via someone else. But it was lovely to get to know somebody who has been through the trenches and could offer me a little feedback. I asked him what he wished he would have done starting out… his only answer? “I wish I would have started sooner!” Affirmative! I’m with you on that! Thank you also to Beth, Susan, and Suzanne! It was great talking books with you!

Screenshot+2017-05-20+02.55.01As you can see the road has been crazy! I am working on another book right now and getting color pallets together on my drafts. I can’t stop writing! I find myself telling Siri to take down notes of book ideas even while I’m driving! I have close to 18 books in the works… seriously. I can’t stop. This year is going to be fun!

Next month I head to London for almost two weeks. I am looking forward to it! And yes, I am bringing my sketchbook. I’ll be doing artwork and talking and meeting with friends while I am there. I’ll be sitting down with a few people eagerly waiting to hear how to get started in the world of Writing and Illustrating. I love being a rock for new people to latch onto so I can help motivate them to succeed. This trip will be far more than business and relaxing. It is a chance to once again step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I can’t wait! honestly! It will be on a tight budget, because “starving artist” is definitely rooted in the truth, but inspiration comes from exploration and I will have no numeric limits on my creativity. I hate numbers.

Speaking of numbers. My birthday is the 25th of May and I can’t believe I am turning 29! So from this day forward, I refuse to grow up. Take the 2 away from 9 and I will perpetually be a gifted 7-year-old for now on. That’s how this works, right? if It’s not… Welcome to the new standard of age measurement.



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