I’ve been thinkin, I’ve been thinkin’…

I’ve had this blog post weaving through my brain for a while… though now I feel I can finally put this process into action.

Caspian Brown is my little baby of a mouse character. He was the first real character I gave a voice to and was the ‘Star’ of my first picture book. He symbolizes my own journey with learning to be brave and pushing through college, fighting the stereotypes from high school, finally breaking down my fears while accepting who I am, and that asking for help when it gets too tough IS okay.

For me, Caspian is my Max.

But, I am ready to let him go out into the world.

I am ready to start looking for an agent, to finally sit down and make some moves with my writing and illustrating career, even if it means letting go of Caspian.

I’ll still be writing stories for him, and still drawing him if who ever I find thinks my drawings are of merit. At the same time I am willing and understand if they like my writing and don’t like my illustrations. Or vice versa.

I guess this is the point at which I say I am growing up. That I am willing to throw my hand into somebody else’s and ask for help. I am getting far to overwhelmed with trying to champion 5 different aspects of this journey and I am extremely excited to find somebody willing to get my voice out there.




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